Air Testing, Tuning and Balancing Tools

Channel system design one of the most important steps in the process, measurement of the air flow in the system after the completion of the system, and the creation of physical facilities necessary for balance. For this purpose can be reached going straight channel of sufficient length in the fields, create critical channel to be put into the arms of setting dampers measures. Contact details of staff using this construction facilities can measure the air flow in the channels and the necessary settings with the help of dampers .

It is known that in developed countries, testing, tuning and Balancing (TAB) other disciplines such as Heating Cooling branches is performed by a separate Contracting Group in a similar way. In our country there are professional staff about it and yet to return, several other companies about this process as it is mechanical Contracting Group.
Mechanical systems, design patterns to ensure that selected and applied, all machinery and equipment testing, tuning and balancing (TAB) process is used the following phrases.
Test: In contrast, numeric or a specific equipment is an evaluation of the performance.
Setting: Terminal units from the design values for mechanical part and set operations.
Balancing: Depending on the specific design size, a specific section of a system (main, sub branşmanda or terminal) is to reach the values requested.

The importance of testing and parent of compensation
All heating and air conditioning system in mind when designing an indispensable criterion, while the desired comfort conditions in the Interior, the minimum value is to keep costs and business problems.
Nowadays, people gain insights into how to better performance in production of research about this topic, “indoor air quality” is the result of many factors. In this case the manufacturer together with the bold, more capable, more resourceful, control and optimization function has equipment have been developed.

In theory, they requested this technological equipment developed and many functions while providing comfort and energy savings be underestimated. But as is practical when the situation is different, even if the most advanced testing equipment, if system design error and the system is well balanced, it is not possible to provide a theoretical performance. The design of mechanical system target; maximum benefits with economic regulation is to create the conditions for the comfort.Storehouse of a system “is set and balance” the most economical use of energy with the concept started to gain more importance and with it, more precise measuring-adjusting balancing was developed capable devices. Users on the system, just so hot and not too cold, but also what we call terminal units, fan-coil units air mixing boxes, variable air volume boxes, induction units, lattices and radiators reduced noise and increased the temperature very often also complain about.

Extreme cold and uncomfortable air currents causes those people to espriyiyapma: “it’s summer in Hollywood, it’s winter blowing away” such systems compared to a normal balanced system 25-40% more energy consumed. You can resolve this kind of negativity, even using the more advanced control equipment is not possible. Because these errors from design or balancing the mamsı be done; or can’t be done correctly.

Fugitives Have Been Found To Be

The result of the measurement rises above expected values to ‡ reduction of leakage by using one of the following methods for leak detected and prevented, and the test is repeated. The following actions will be done while the fan is running:

1. By looking at and it’s hard to see at first glance, easier with practice: in particular on the back side of the channel during the employee’s remaining and installation of strain caused by manufacturing deficiencies. These are: Flanged stages of gaskets, bolts, nut without flange manufacturing deficiencies, the channel combination may be good points of deficiencies arising from not get beat up. This method is very effective in the case of excess amounts of air leaks.
2. Listening: Leak location according to the severity of orifisin geometry and channel pressure changing whistle-like sound.
3. Feeling: over the channel (weight leak points), and el gezdirilmek, which can be detected by leak (your hand is wet will facilitate job).
4. Soapy water: soapy water applied and kept potential leak areas are observed. In the case of the runaway is the bubbles.
5. Smoke Tablets: these are heavily smoke that capsule. Smoke, leak will be detected and for the places it is possible to eliminate the fugitive.

Air testing, tuning and Balancing Tools

Installation all devices that may be required in the circuit are listed below. This device may be added to special additional devices, also should be available. Test and measuring for the correct operation of these devices to be used in the periodic calibration of sertifikalandırılmalıdır.

1. Anemometer (1,5-13 m/s range)
2. U-Manometer (Inclined manometer)
3. With Pitot tube (Channel dynamic-static pressure gauge)
4. Mercury Thermometer
5. Thermohygrograph (temperature/humidity meter printer)
6. Digital Thermometer (temperature etc.)
7. Surface temperature meter
8. Voltmeter/Pensampermetre
9. Psicometer (Dry/age thermometer gauge)
10. Desibelmetre (sound meter)
11. Flow Set Valve Controller
12. Pressure gauge
13. Tachometer (Rev meter)

Mechanical Anemometer

Airspeed with a propeller and a speedometer that mechanical type measuring instrument with grill and diffuser; blowing and sucking air speeds are measured.

Electronic Anemometer

A battery-powered direct digital or analog read of this measuring instrument types. Must read for specific time zone digital are average speed value determination.

Flow Measuring Hood

Conical or pyramid-shaped this device with all of the air from a vent or diffuser to gather, while the narrower part of the cross-sectioned throat, measuring device, measure the speed and flow of air correctly.

U Manometer

Air and hydronic systems, the partial vacuum and positive pressure is a simple manometer used to measure. Water column water column millimetres or inches skala types are used in the international area. Although various sizes u manometers for over 250 pa pressure drops (filter, coil, fan, terminal unit, as part of the channel) is appropriate for use. not be used for six 250 pa pressure difference is not recommended.

Tilt/Vertical Pressure Gauge

A steep incline that a two scale pressure gauge with the slanted scale 250 pa pressure difference measure six while it is possible to accurately, vertical scale, it is possible to measure higher values.This pressure gauge; pitot tube or the static probe is used to measure air pressure or with speed.

Electronic (Digital) Pressure Gauge

Electronic manometers to measure very low pressure values are designed correctly. Use course 0.025-15, 000 pa. This type of pressure gauge air volume and in speed, barometric pressure and temperature automatically, depending on the result. Some of these instruments is also available additional functions, such as measuring the temperature. Pitot-tube or the static pressure probe is used in conjunction with. These artifacts, along with HEPA filter the grid exit speed, hood in your mouth and is used for measuring the speed of the surface of the coil.

Pitot Tube

A standard Pitot-tube using a suitable manometer as simple measuring air speed channel. Pitot-tube nested two tube from the pipe. The thickest part of the inner tube-end connecting to a pressure gauge with a total pressure (TP) can be read. A manometer is connecting to the external tube side outlet static pressure (SP) can be read.

Pitot tube and static and total pressure is felt. Manometer measures the velocity pressure. (Velocity pressure = Total pressure, static pressure).

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