Advantages of Heat Centers Assembly in Roof

Important information regarding the establishment of the roof of the Heat Centers and thermal advantages of the location are given.

1. Boiler terms of office

a-Basement brings ideal solution in places that are not possible to be done.
b-It is possible to win the b-Precious basement floors.
c-Natural gas safety measures necessary for expensive ventilation and economy. No risk of a gas leak and explosion hazard posed by this rooftop will not be found. A possible gas leak, the gas is lighter than air rises out of the vents on the roof to run off will not create danger for the building. In addition, in the event that any explosion, the roof can easily tamper evident pressure as a result of the building to destroy living scenes will not create any damage.
d-Natural gas storage is required, there is no need to place more in the boiler room.
e-Fuel storage, but it does not need to invest in to the repository. Natural gas must be moved to the roof with only one pipe. Natural gas is lighter than air, without even the use of a pressure rises by itself.

2. Chimney terms

Natural gas conversion of boiler-a- projected by the arrival beautiful biggest problems are caused by poor coal and made the chimney. Due to the high water vapor in the flue in the smoke gas is condensed. The condensed water infiltrate the chimney of the adjacent living quarters as a black mark sooty walls and create an undesirable situation. It needs a lot of expensive measures to prevent this. In such a situation by canceling the chimney, boiler regulation on the roof of the apartment is simple and practical measures.
b New chimney in the building will not be done, should construction costs, as well as the construction area will provide a significant advantage gained.
c Chimney changes in traction and effect combustion boilers in the basement of their apartment ventilation devices (vacuum effect) will disappear. Thus gains in ease of operation and increased efficiency will be obtained. associated with changes in traction due to poor combustion and institutions will be problems.
d during the stop would be cool to win that chimney.
e chimney cleaning and reduced operating costs.

3. For the Win

a. All applications in boilers will not be static pressure (even in high blocks) can be used in the normal type of boiler.
b. The problem of condensation in the chimney flue gas temperature can be reduced because there is no accident and the highest efficiency values.
c. Atmospheric burner boilers are ideal for this application. This provision required in chimney draught is very small. In the same way again, blown burner use the chimney draught must be used high pressure burners that need. This is a relatively small gain both types of boiler. It also has the advantage of moving sectional cast boilers. They moved to the roof does not create a problem.

4. In terms of piping

a-Open expansion tank and safety systems that use the return pipes all these pipes Messenger pipes and floors will be missing from the area covered by economy. Of these, heat loss and open expansion tank eliminates the air problems. Rooftop Centers closed expansion tank is used. Expansion tank does not win more than the upper level without water the system up.
b-making it easier to get the air out of the system.
c-the boiler is also low pressure pumps and other fittings together they work under. Also, the system has a rooftop air conditioning and ventilation plants also will be shorter if the connection to this device.
e-work under Low pressure. Also, the system has a rooftop air conditioning and ventilation plants also will be shorter if the connection to this device.

Heat-Related Important Information Centers

1 boiler in the hood of the other floors of the building, central air conditioning is better than the absence of such a device. make vacuum effect, gained the traction affect and create a burner malfunction.

Heat 2 centers provide practical benefits, flooring and wall covering tiles may seem like a luxury.(The increase of service quality, such as the boilers are interested in the apartment manager.) But the boilers, pumps and so on. above the concrete base of the device certainly tiles – should not be coated with materials such as ceramics. (Concrete creates a more solid basis.) On the other hand, should be covered with acoustic ceiling insulation to reduce noise. Acoustic insulation material should be fire resistant.

3. Heat centers, engine room (basement, rear floor, roof, etc. on the floor.) As measures related to the volume of sound and vibration comfort is important in plants.
a- The device must be selected low volume when selecting devices (quality brand low-speed engines, the fuel gas at atmospheric burners etc.).
The resulting sound b measures should be taken to avoid transmitting the building (Choosing where to place the device, using thick and full of material on the walls, acoustic ceilings made of double-skinned steel doors, etc. is used.)
c-acoustic measures should be taken. acoustic ceiling should be made to the engine room. under the pump and anti-vibration devices must be added. Strap and so on. material should be used. Air conditioners should be made out to the muffler or acoustic insulation.

4- LPG used for heating centers;
30 cm from the ground a- boiler pedestal. You need to upgrade.
b Light should create the opportunity to open and close the outside.
10 cm above the floor of the c-gas sensing alarm. Need to mount up.
Inside d contactor, water pump and so on. It is recommended to lack.
5. Fuel tanks must be installed in a separate section, surrounded by walls and natural ventilation should be provided for this volume.
6. Glue the wall-mounted boilers used in boiler rooms , for lack of outside air intake which is necessary for combustion; The cooling of the apartment as he won reduced, thus bringing the powder inlet is prevented. Burn the negative effects caused by the dust drifting into the room abolished. No heat upstairs and next door to the apartment.

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