Adell Ab-i Hayat Water Civilization Museum

Ab-ı Hayat Water Civilization Standing Exhibition, Adell Armature and Valve Fabrics, Inc. The permanent works belonging to the collection created with years of labor in the administrative building section were opened to understand the meaning of the journey between water brotherhood and the birth and death of a water dropper.

From time to time, people and scholars, scientists, government officials and students from abroad and from abroad come to share their understanding of all aspects of a broad civilization by changing concepts and products.

Adell Ab-i Hayat Water Civilization Museum

Everything starts with a dream.

The collection, created with the efforts of the sisters Recep Ali, Ercan and Ergun Topçu, is a thematic collection focused on the water. We have an approach that believes in the philosophy of the brotherhood of water, trying to make sense of the journey between existence and eternal life, that is, death, through water. In this way we try to understand the wisdom, wisdom, elegance, rituals and beauty of the souls of Anatolian residents. In the past, they used the phrase “found this crack” for people who died. In that case, it is important to understand and understand the meaning of life that we can say “the journey to find the crack”. 30/35 years of work as a result of the entire Turkey was created circulating.

Ab-ı Hayat Water Civilization Museum

A collection of approximately 5000 pieces of metal, ceramics, wood, mother of pearl, textile materials is available in places that have never been found before. From the 2500-year Roman-Byzantine period to the day-to-day water, it conveys the history of water culture. The collection of the history of Anatolian civilization with a chronological sequence can be considered as a first in the world in Turkey. It is desirable to provide an experience beyond museum.

Water, Anatolian Water Civilization love, volunteer life as we accumulate our experience, we have been tried to transfer this collection. Each piece is controlled by the experts and brought to the museum. In fact, water, Anatolia, the history of our civilization, to explain the adventure, the ruin, the world of a broken world to open the window of our people, to connect with the past, with roots, society is more peace, love and tolerance to seek a search. Here kids will get information, people will be happy. Which denine, if it belongs to the language, will meet here, will receive the light of knowledge.

Adell Water Culture Permanent Exhibition

This is the most important thing for Adell. Because we believe that the future of this country, the future of this world can come together fraternally and transform our world into a garden of love and a person of peace.

We hope that our collection activities will be developed by activities, exhibitions and museums, and that our country and all humanity will be gathered around fresh water and brotherhood of water to reach peace and love.

Adell Ab-i Hayat Water Civilization Museum Contact Information

As a result of 36 years of work, you can visit the permanent exhibition hall, museum belonging to the Adell Ab-i Hayat Water Civilization Collection. Entrance is free.

Address: Adell Factory & Head Office Address, İkitelli Organize Sanayi Mah. Hürriyet Bulvarı No: 54 Başakşehir, Istanbul, Turkey
Tel: +90.212.486.2000 pbx Fax: +90.212.485.4840

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