7. Energy Efficiency Forum and Exhibition

7. Energy Efficiency Forum and Exhibition, will take place in the framework 35. The Energy Efficiency Week, on 14-16 January 2016 date, to be held in Istanbul WOW Convention Center. Energy efficiency, which is one of Turkey’s largest and most important event in the EVF 2016, energy efficiency legislation in Turkey was organized for the first time in 2009 after entering into force. Which will be held for the 7th time this year, the Energy Efficiency Forum and Exhibition, Tan Tourism Air Transport Computer Power Industry and Foreign Trade Company / min will be organized by Doraku by.

14 to 17 January 2015 at the WOW Convention held in Center, 6. Energy Efficiency Forum and Exhibition (EVF) in the domestic and foreign 77 public of the products and activities of the private and non-governmental organizations have exhibited, conducted in energy efficiency with a variety of side events running for public It was announced.

further increasing the demand for energy in the world every year. This reality exists outside sources of alternative energy sources to the orientation speed up, takes up the issue in an effective and efficient evaluation of the available resources. Turkey, especially in energy, but followed with great attention in recent years, progress on energy efficiency and is conducting studies aimed at increasing public awareness for the effective and efficient use of energy resources. Dwindling resources and growing environmental pollution makes it mandatory to use no more energy efficient.Of great importance for the development of the country’s 20% energy efficiency improvement target in early 2023 plans. both public and private as well as civil society organizations in this context continues to work in cooperation. The EVF is the most important platform for the introduction of this target. All matters involving the energy efficiency of the panels and sessions will be organized during the EVF, policies and strategies, international energy field / industry engaged in research academics, institutions, companies and will be assessed by Turkey’s leading names. Energy efficiencyimportant steps in raising awareness of the public to contribute assign participants firms, particularly by reducing the overhead costs of the person intends to contribute to both the personal budget of the national economy. At the same time, energy consumption, to ensure the efficiency, equipped with the latest technology which differs according to the applications for which such energy products and designs 7. Energy Efficiency Forum and Exhibition will showcase.

35. Energy Efficiency Week, the most important event, we will organize on 14-16 January 2016 date 7. Energy Efficiency Forum and Exhibition (EVF) and as participants or visitors in the energy efficiency field workers, scientists, public, private and non-governmental organizations You can meet with high-level representatives, the panels can follow all the innovations in this field in the framework, you can expand your business network with international and local companies.

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7. Energy Efficiency Forum and Exhibition (EVF) to get more detailed information about and full of opportunities to get involved with this event, you can contact via e-mail address is info@evf.gov.tr.

Source: Energy Efficiency Forum and Exhibition, evf.gov.tr

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