23. World Energy Congress 2016 in Istanbul

World Energy Congress is the most important event of the “World Energy Congress” participants of energy problems and solutions with a global perspective is the most important international energy congress in order to better understand it.

23. World Energy Congress began in Istanbul on 9-13 October 2016 date. The main theme of the congress is “Embracing New Horizons”, an innovative concept and content is to promise.

this time to the leaders who will build the future of energy today makes Istanbul home.

23. World Energy Congress World Energy Leaders, Future Energy Leaders and Energy Triplicities all over the world with special sessions, such as summits and from national, options callers Energy Ministers to provide sustainable energy at regional and global levels, business, among the leaders of finance and academia to ensure the creation of dialogue .

23. World Energy Congress, the leaders of the industry, international organizations, media organizations, universities and from the energy industry associations, with more than 10,000 energy leader, East and West, past and is a unique and wonderful city with a bridge next to a connecting It will bring together in Istanbul.

23. World Energy Congress

Turkish Stream Natural Gas Pipeline Project Agreement Signed

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Istanbul for the World Energy Congress 23. Russian Federation President Vladimir Mabeyn met with Putin at the kiosk. After the meeting, which will carry Russian natural gas to Europe via Turkey ‘Turkish Stream Natural Gas Pipeline Project’ for an agreement was signed between the government and. President Erdogan and President Putin of the Russian Federation, a joint press conference after the talks between the delegations and they perform alone spoke by conference.


Statement that will carry Russian natural gas to Europe through Turkey before the ‘Turkish Stream Natural Gas Pipeline Project’ for an agreement was signed between the government and. The signature of the Agreement of Energy and Natural Resources Minister Berat Albayrak, Erdogan by the President of the Russian Federation Energy Minister Alexander Novak and President of the Russian Federation has taken Putin’s presence.

In his statement, President Erdogan meeting today held the opening session of the 23rd World Energy Congress in 2 more days will the ministers and experts from the convention with interviews to be made to reach a very different wealth, he said.

President of the Russian Federation at the opening session of Congress that they are with Putin, the President noted that after Erdogan held bilateral talks, said they would continue discussions of ministers and experts concerned. President Erdogan talks in energy-related issues concerning the relations between the two countries, economic and trade relations, defense, announced that it had place the issues related to tourism and cultural areas.


The expectations of the world’s people in Africa, not impositions laid with different intentions, ‘African problems and African solutions’ stated that President Erdogan, this approach during the presidency in the 2015’s robust, sustainable and balanced’ growth as well as’ inclusive ‘growth in the G- one of the main goals of 20 said they brought the case.

Without solving the energy problem; The development, investment, the growth, from health, it is not possible to mention feeding and warming stressed President Erdogan, “see today is deprived of electricity throughout the world 1.1 billion people, 650 million in Sub-Saharan lives in Africa. While living in the north of the world’s wealth and prosperity, it suffers meet the most basic needs of the south. Due to the urgency of the situation in the region, we have to concentrate on our work here.also approved a study period level leaders during our Presidency of the G-20 Energy Access Action Plan has been. I believe this plan of work that exists in the area of access to energy will help to better coordinate. “He added.


Turkey’s energy that largely is a country dependent on foreign, but especially in the last 14 years, pointing out that with a growth above the world average, in this case Turkey’s energy demand per year of 6 percent with a peak between 8 voicing President Erdogan, Turkey, as well as ensure security of energy supply to meet this demand and the energy basket, he said they are trying to diversify.

President Erdogan of Turkey; Middle East and especially in the Caspian Basin, the world’s proven natural gas reserves was pointed out that in a region where about two-thirds, and that continued as follows: “the point of delivery to the world market of energy resources in this area have led to a very important project. Blue Stream, Iran and Baku-Tbilisi-Erzurum natural gas pipeline between Turkey-Greece Natural Gas Interconnector project, Turkey has registered its position in this area on a global scale. Azerbaijan mainly oil, the Caspian oil to the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan oil pipeline to Ceyhan allowing the flow we have implemented. ”


Azerbaijan together which constitute the backbone of the Southern Gas Corridor, the Trans-Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline (TANAP) Erdogan, the President noted that the construction of the project, “TANAP and the Trans Adriatic Pipeline will generate more of this line, Azeri gas to Turkey and together reached in the European market it will be. We are working hard to be a part of Turkmen gas in the project. Russia, already envisaging to ship gas directly to Turkey via the Black Sea through the Balkans and Turkey we receive, we are positive about the current project. The second phase of this project will be developed depending on the developments in the European gas market.On the other hand, the Eastern Mediterranean gas, comes a new alternative source of diversification in our case study. Research, shows that the most profitable and economical route for gas to Turkey, “he said.

Turkey’s behalf may come to the natural gas and energy trading center, still noting that when on the eve of a new and important investments at year end and threw very critical steps in 2017 President Erdogan declared that it would carry out major investments in this area, “so that our region in the natural gas business is a reliable for all countries We are one step closer to our common goal is still to come. Of course when we said when we energy, especially natural gas are three aspects of it.Supply, two transport, three suppliers of consumption … We are not a country. We we are a country and carrier customers. We bring together the supply-tube by integrating our technology with this feature. Here we also contribute to Europe’s security of gas supply. In this context, the Russian Federation, after Algeria and Norway, we aim to create a fourth gas corridor to Europe. With the passing of the TANAP project comes to fruition, the supply of natural gas in Europe will have a new alternative emerged. Turkey-Greece Natural Gas is the first concrete step taken by the Interconnector project, we believe it is important for Europe, “he said.


Another area they care about voicing nuclear energy, President Erdogan in 2010 had signed an agreement between the government towards the realization of Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant project with the Russian Federation, the decision to include the Black Sea coast and Japan, and they made a deal for Sinop Nuclear Power Plant Project It reported that they are currently third in the quest for the nuclear power plant project to life.

of nuclear energy to meet 10 percent of Turkey’s electricity production in the coming years, indicating that the target of President Erdogan, “Turkey is an important and privileged position in terms of renewable energy. Solar, wind and hydraulic energy basket share of our resources, we continue our efforts to be raised to 30 percent. As it is seen in Turkey, a significant investment potential in all areas of the energy available. We invite all energy companies to invest in our country for this. rely on Turkey, has never regret investing in this country, then you will not regret it, “he said.


President Erdogan, the recent fall in oil prices of energy investments adversely affect it should be emphasized the possibility, he also said that it is likely to follow the trend of natural gas prices and of today deferred investment decision noted that the inevitable does not negatively impact on the future energy security.

This closer coordination and cooperation in order to prevent in emphasizing the need to work President Erdogan, the words continued as follows: “Again, including energy, is required close cooperation between the private sector and the public to meet the needs of global infrastructure financing. with the dynamism of the private sector, I think we can put together an efficient cooperation within the framework of the investment needs of the public. Achieving the desired number of investments in the energy field, it will make a very positive impact on global growth. All of these projects and investments, we must never forget that the concept of sustainable development should be carried out. In the past year, we have witnessed the development of historical significance in this regard. September 2015 New York Agenda 2030, and in December, we adopted the Paris Climate Agreement. This international ground, in the fight against climate change is a global test revealed new cooperation opportunities. ”

To have rich hydrocarbon resources, always alone and wealth, peace and underline that bring along a secure future President Erdogan, “the Middle East, North and West Africa, we have seen many manifestations of this fact in South America, we see. In fact, particularly in energy, even on access to basic human needs, there is a serious shortage of large segments of the population living in these regions. In particular, the regions neighboring the Middle East, we have a striking example in this respect, “the assessment found.

Source: Ministry of the Presidency, 23. World Energy Congress

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